Welcome to the official store! All items in these walls are paperback and will come shipped to you signed may come with a surprise or two. Prices include shipping and you can pay through Paypal through the links to my shop on Facebook. All Bargin Bin items can be purchased through me here (message me and I’ll get you fixed up). Feel free to drop me a line at for more info or if you have any questions.

im In Memoriam

My first stand-alone novella and a part of the White Creek Cycle.

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thumbnail_southern_devils_ebook_coverSouthern Devils

The first book of the Southern Devils Trilogy.

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WTWP_FrontCover_FinalWicked Tales for Wicked People

The first collection that spans the first few years of my professional career.

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stone_cold_coverStone Cold Horror from the Stars

The novelette paying homage to those great monster drive-in flicks.

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The Clearance Bin

All books in the Clearance Bin are $7 signed and shipped.

Attack of the B-Movie Monsters: Night of the Gigantis- includes “Stone Cold Horror from the Stars”.

Voices in the Gloom- includes “To the Angels”.

The Bloody Book of Grotesque Love- includes “My Angel”.

Pavor Nocturnus Vol.1- includes “The Sleeper Wakes”.

Horrific History- includes “Winds of War”.

From Beyond the Grave- includes “Tears From Heaven”.