Death Inc., 2018. (Kindle)

Dying Days: Death Sentence, 2017. (Paperback or Kindle)

Southern Devils, 2016. (Undead tree copy or Kindle)

Reconstruction of the Dead: Southern Devils Book 2, 2017. (Kindle and real paper)


The Calling, from Sirens Call Publications, 2016. (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and Createspace)

In Memoriam, from Rymfire Books, 2012.  Currently out of print.

In Memoriam, from SAD House Press, 2014.  (Expanded edition with new cover and material at Amazon, Createspace, and Smashwords)

The Carnival 13, from SAD House Press, 2013.  (Features 13 authors telling one story to benefit Scares That Care!  Get it at Amazon, Createspace, and Smashwords)


Phoenix Protocol: The Middletown Omnibus, 2020. (On Kindle and in paperback)

Wicked Tales for Wicked People, from SAD House Press, 2014.  (On Kindle and in paperback)

The Hellmouth Trilogy (with Armand Rosamilia, Jay Wilburn, and Jack Wallen)

Hollywood Hellmouth (The Hellmouth Trilogy Book 1), 2015. (Paperback and Kindle)

Hoboken Hellmouth (The Hellmouth Trilogy Book 2), 2015. (Paperback and Kindle)

Honolulu Hellmouth (The Hellmouth Trilogy Book 3), 2015. (Paperback and Kindle)

Short Stories

“A Winter’s Feast” in Undead of Winter, from Rymfire Books, 2011 (out now from Amazon and for the Nook).

“Calvary Hill” in Under the Stairs, from Wicked East Press, 2011. (available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble in print and for all your nice little non-paper book reader devices )

“Rivals” in Short Sips: Coffee House Flash Fiction Vol. 2, from Wicked East Press, 2011. (Out of print)

“Spot Shoot” in New Dawn Fades, from Post Mortem Press, 2011. (Available from Post Mortem Press and Amazon)

“The Conversation” and “On the Wings of Darkness: A View From the Dark Frontier” in Daily Flash 2012: 366 Days of Flash Fiction Leap Year Edition, from Pill Hill Press, 2011.  (Out of Print)

“Monster” and “Dr. Forsythe’s Cure” in Daily Frights 2012: 366 Days of Frightening Flash Fiction Leap Year Edition, from Pill Hill Press 2011.  (Out of print )

“As I Crossed Lincoln Bridge” in Father Grim’s Storybook, from Wicked East Press 2012.  (Amazon)

“Zombies on the Brain”, in Zombie Writes!, from Rymfire Undead Press 2012.  (Now on the Kindle and in print at Amazon)

“For Our Sins: A Fable”, in Ten Silver Bullets, from Crowded Quarantine Press, 2012. (eBook and print from Amazon)

“The Reaper Rides”, in Undead Tales 2, from Rymfire Undead, 2012. (Get it now in print, Kindle, and Nook)

I have four little tales in here with a host of other authors.  Little Tales for the Smallest Room, from KnightWatch Press, 2012.  (In print and for your little electronic bathroom buddies)

“The Becoming”, in The Surreal Grotesque e-zine Issue 9 (Free to read here)

“Winds of War”, in Horrific History, from Hazardous Press, 2013.  (Paperback and on Kindle)

“Tears From Heaven”, in From Beyond the Grave, from Grinning Skull Press, 2013. (On Kindle and on Nook)

“Do Us Part”, in The Siren’s Call eZine #8, from Sirens Call Publications, 2013. (Download for free here by clicking on the Issue #8 image)

“Corridors”, in Mental Ward: Echoes of the Past, from Sirens Call Publications, 2013. (On Kindle and in paperback)

“Stone Cold Horror From the Stars”, in ATTACK! of the B-Movie Monsters, from Grinning Skull Press, 2013. (Amazon in print and ebook form)

“Midnight Rider”, in Coffin Hop Death by Drive-In!  from Coffin Hop Press, 2013. (Print and eBook)

“You Can’t Escape the Cage of Brutal Death so Don’t Even Try”, with Brian Rosenberger in Indiana Crime 2013, from JWK Press, 2013. (In paperback now!)

“To the Angels”, in Voices in the Gloom, from Sirens Call Publications, 2013.  (Amazon, Createspace)

“Payment”, in Fear of the Water, from Sirens Call Publications, 2013. (Amazon, Createspace)

“The Sleeper Wakes”, in Pavor Nocturnus Dark Fiction Anthology Vol. 1, from Parasomnia Press, 2013.  (Pick it up at Amazon in print or for Kindle)

“The Happiest Kingdom on Earth”, in Still Dying 2 (Dying Days), from Rymfire Undead, 2013.  (Get some undead loving on Amazon in print or for your Kindle)

“Giver”, in The Siren’s Call eZine #12, from Sirens Call Publications, 2013.  (Read it for free here on the Sirens Call website and click on Issue #12)  

“My Angel”, in The Bloody Book of Grotesque Love, from Visionary Press Cooperative, 2014.  (At Amazon)

“The Testimony of H.J. Pembrooke”, from Phrenic Press, 2015. (At Amazon)

“It Turned into a Middletown Blitz”, in Middletown Apocalypse, 2015. (At Amazon)

“Phoenix Rising”, in Middletown 2: Midtown Apocalypse, 2017. (At Amazon)

“Phoenix Burning”, in Middletown 3: Metal Apocalypse, 2017. (At Amazon)

“On the Burning Wings of Gods”, in Middletown 4: Unrestival, 2019. (At Amazon)

“Forgotten Things”, in Disquieted, 2020. (Kindle and paperback)

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