fullsizeauthorMy name is Brent Abell and I write horror fiction.  For better or for worse, that is my calling and it pleases me.  I live in Southern Indiana with a wife, two sons, Drake the puggle, and a pug who haunts his desk looking for spectral snackies.  My imagination is fueled by my love of rum, cigars, being a horror junkie, and a degree in history.  Stop reading this now and go grab something I wrote and read it instead.  What?  I know I wrote this, but that’s besides the point, I meant go read something else that I wrote that is fictional.

5 thoughts on “About

    1. Thank you for the kind words, I hope the future is great too. Don’t be shy about picking up the other stuff I’m in (and telling your horror reading friends also) and coming to Evansville soon because I’m hoping to put a signing together for 2012.

      Hope you enjoy everything!

  1. hey Brent, nice site! do you interview authors? check out my page and leave a comment. I’ll add you to my blogroll if you will do the same for me. thanks and much success. Don Franklin

    1. Don, I’ve got you added to the ‘Author Links’ section of the page. I’ve interviewed Armand Rosamilia, Jeff Strand, and John Everson for the blog before. We can swap interviews if you wish.

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