Where Do We Go From Here?

My home town sucks in respect to books.  With the demise of Borders, we are left with only a Barnes & Nobles.  That is it if we want to buy new books from a book store.  There are used places to buy the cast off remains of someone’s dead aunt’s romance and V.C. Andrews books, but there is not many options for those who read in the horror genre.  For us, the internet is the greatest invention known to man!  Alas, the problems that helped bring down Borders and other booksellers is the crappy market.  Novel sales in horror wax and wane like the phases of the moon and it makes it tough on new writers trying to break into the genre.  My good friend Wesley Southard and I have had a few discussions about where we go from here.  Do we continue to submit to places where we receive 1) for the luv ofs, 2)1 copy of book, or 3) less than token payment (1/4 of a cent to 1 cent a word) and a pat on the back? 

The answer is not simple.  We want to break into the bigger strata of the genre, but the opportunities are few and far between.  Because of this, we have to rely on the small press to help carry us through to bigger and better things.  Did Stephen King start out selling million copy best sellers?  Hell no, he sold short stories to men’s magazines and any place that would buy a short story.  That my friends is where a lot of us find ourselves.  We have to have the small press anthologies for a while to get our name out and build to that career we aspire to.  When someone you know get something published, support the crap out of them.  Buy it, pass it around, and review the thing at the online retailer where you bought it. 

You are our support and can help the small press continue to thrive.  Go buy some good horror and if we wrote something you liked, let us know and we’ll be sure to get more out there.  You never know, one day we might break out and hit the mid-lister big times.

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