Dying Days: Zealot is Here!

Buy it Now! After a couple of years in the making, Nora and the others are back on the road. Weary from the constant travel and their losses, they make their way to the Florida border. They will meet new allies and new enemies in the form a strange cult devoted to worshipping the zombies. …

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Under the Rock

Wow. It feels like I haven't been here to see you wonderful people in a long time. When I look at the last post, it was a long time. I'm sorry to have kept you waiting, but things have been very busy in the game of life. Things are calming down, but the new material …

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Repost: Why Goodreads is bad for books

This is a very interesting read. I use Goodreads to track what I’ve read and what is on my TBR pile. It has also been a good way to keep track of what books I own for when I hit used book stores. However, as an author, I’ve found the site only useful to check out reviews and ratings. What are your views and experiences with Goodreads? Would you support a new platform or do you think Goodreads being owned my Amazon muddies the water?


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