The Grind: Part 1

Here we are...the grind. This has been one of the most productive times I've had in my career as a writer. Dragonflies, my new White Creek novel, is in the hands of the pre-readers and I'm about 1/3rd of the way through the next chapter in my corner of the Dying Days universe. The only thing I've …

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The Dead Still Speak

Work is wrapping up on Dragonflies. I've reached the last few thousand words and White Creek is in for a hell of an ending. Once I finish, it'll be put away for a couple of weeks and editing will begin after that. In the mean time, I want to announce the next project. I will …

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Blind Date a Book – Book #8

Go get some love! Check out all the books over at Rebecca Besser’s site you can blind date this year. You don’t even need to buy them dinner…

Life With Words

-Zombie Tie-In Series Book 1

A man morning the loss of his wife tries to make sense of a new world where the dead walk. His only thoughts are for a son who he believes may still be alive and his drive to find him at any cost. He will cross Florida in a journey that will test his will to survive and his ability to get out of some crazy stuff.

He wanted to find snackies. Alone in a world where he is a food source, a lonely pug will search for companionship and food anyplace he can find it.

He wanted a father figure. He needed somebody to cling to for his own survival. When he finds what he’s been yearning for, a young man will embark on a trip to meet his destiny in, ‘The Happiest Place on Earth’.

She’s been on…

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Halloween Blitz – Horror Books

Need some horror fiction to make your Halloween scary? Rebecca Besser has pulled together a nice group of authors for you to check out. All the books featured are either on sale or free during the promotion. Go get scared!

Life With Words

From now until Halloween, I’ll be sharing horror books that are on sale or free by myself and other great writers!

Keep your eyes peeled for scary horror book deals.

Authors  featured in Halloween Blitz:

Mark Taylor
Monique Snyman
Brent Abell
Rebecca Besser
Jaidis Shaw
Armand Rosamilia (and others in anthology!)

If you haven’t read anything by these authors (or you have and already love them) this is a great time to get your bloody hands on their deadly works!

Enjoy the deals, and be sure to share with your horror loving friends!

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Death Inc. Is Now Accepting Applications

I wanted to give everyone a quick announcement this evening. Well, a few actually... First off, I managed to finish and turn in my Middletown Apocalypse 4 story. This volume moves the action to a music festival. The dangerous Phoenix Virus, from my series of stories, begins to creep out into the populace, far beyond …

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