Secret Project is Worth Dying For

For a few months, as I finished the first draft of Reconstruction of the Dead, I started work on another project. It was shrouded in mystery and I waited till I reached over halfway through with the book before pulling the cover off to show what lurked beneath. The idea is to launch this book … Continue reading Secret Project is Worth Dying For

Memphis Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet!

People of Memphis, Hell is coming. The Hellmouth has opened its unholy maw and the four horsemen are riding your way.  Tomorrow Armand Rosamilia, Jack Wallen, Jay Wilburn, and myself arrive in the center of the BBQ Universe to herald the release of our horror/humor masterpiece, Hollywood Hellmouth.  Our Gang of Four will be at … Continue reading Memphis Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet!

2015 State of the Bookshelf Address

Hello readers, Today I come before you to discuss our year together for 2015.  I've come before you in the past and I have brought good tidings and good news.  I have typed.  I have been accepted and I have been rejected (sometimes on the same day).  Hear me, one thing has never changed and … Continue reading 2015 State of the Bookshelf Address

The Road to Hell…Goes Through Hollywood

They say the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, but in Hollywood it's paved in blood and those personal assistants who you can never quite seem to remember their names. Last year, I attended the inaugural Imaginarium convention in Louisville, KY.  I was finally able to meet long time on-line friend Armand Rosamilia.  … Continue reading The Road to Hell…Goes Through Hollywood

Imaginarium 2014: There and Back Again

This past weekend, I made my way to Louisville, KY for the Imaginarium convention.  It was the first year for the gathering and it didn't show it.  The promoters did an amazing job and the foundation is rock-solid as this con carries forward.  I can't wait to return next year.  While there, I met some … Continue reading Imaginarium 2014: There and Back Again

Enter the Imaginarium…

It is now official and I can announce I'll be a guest author and panelist at the Imaginarium convention in Louisville, KY on September 19-21.  Nothing beats a weekend of books, beer, and cigars!  Besides the schedule, I will have a table and the short story collection will debut there.  Looking up and down the guest … Continue reading Enter the Imaginarium…

Release: “In Memoriam” Back in Print!

Andi Winters never had an easy life; each moment of her existence has been an exercise in heartache and pain.    When a night of passion results in pregnancy, Andi must make the hardest decision she's ever had to make. What she doesn’t realize is the consequences of her decision could prove dire for the … Continue reading Release: “In Memoriam” Back in Print!