Memphis Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet!

People of Memphis, Hell is coming.

The Hellmouth has opened its unholy maw and the four horsemen are riding your way.  Tomorrow Armand Rosamilia, Jack Wallen, Jay Wilburn, and myself arrive in the center of the BBQ Universe to herald the release of our horror/humor masterpiece, Hollywood Hellmouth. 

Our Gang of Four will be at MidSouthCon 33 to call forth paperback copies from the Pit to send out amongst the masses.  While I am there, I also have the pleasure of sitting on a few panels to share my experiences and take on the horror genre and on publishing.  Jay will be Twitting all weekend and I’m sure it will be very entertaining (follow Jay’s Twitter @AmongTheZombies) So, if you’re driving through Tennessee this weekend and feel like stopping in at MidSouthCon 33, here is my panel schedule:

Friday 7-8 pm in the Ridgelake Room- Villainous Villains (Armand and I will be discussing Jimmy from the novel)

Friday 8-9 pm in the Ridgelake Room- Zombie Apocalypse (This one I promise will be fun as all four Hollywood Hellmouth authors are on the panel)

Saturday 12-1 pm in Promenade 3- Nip/Tuck (Cut the crap from your work)

Saturday 3-4 pm in Ballroom A Hallway- Pro Row (Here is the big signing event with all four of us)

Sunday 10-11 am in the Ridgelake Room- Ghosts, Monsters, & Zombies (Wonder what this one is about?)

Sunday 12-1 pm in the Ridgelake Room- Creating Realistic Fight Scenes (Jay and I will be acting out the fights)

Remember, if you pick up the book, we thank you for putting your faith in us.  We only ask one thing, enjoy it and leave a review.  Ok, I know that was two things, but give me a break.

I hope to see lots of people at the con and I’m looking forward to a twisted weekend with the other three Horsemen.


You’ve been warned.

Order NOW!!!!!
Order NOW!!!!!

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