Release: “In Memoriam” Back in Print!

InMemoriam_BrentAbell_FrontCover_v3a_largerdropshadowAndi Winters never had an easy life; each moment of her existence has been an exercise in heartache and pain. 

When a night of passion results in
pregnancy, Andi must make the hardest decision she’s ever had to make. What she doesn’t realize is the consequences of her decision could prove dire for the town of White Creek. 
Strange visions plague her, making it hard for her
to concentrate and heal. What she doesn’t know, what she couldn’t have known is that something evil had escaped the town’s cursed ground and it’s hungry…

In Memoriam is back in print and the saga of White Creek begins.  I am proud to announce that my first novella is back with a new cover, new material, and a new edit.  When I first wrote the novella and submitted it to Armand Rosamilia and Rymfire Books, I never knew what to expect.  What I got in return was a great friendship with Armand and his acceptance of the book.  We liked how the first print came out, but it never did what we thought it would do.  I will always be grateful for his taking a chance with me and giving me that first big push into the literary world.

Fast-forward to October 2013.  The year contract was up and the rights reverted back to me.  I tossed around a few ideas on how to get the book back in the field.  Do I re-issue it as is, as a part of a collection, or go through and tidy things up?  In the end, it really came down to either choice 2 or choice 3.  During this period, the Coffin Hop happened and one of the prizes was to die in the book.  I painted myself into a corner and had to go in and revisit Andi Winters and her tragedy.  Kim Koning had her name drawn and her death is one of three main additions to the book.  There are also two other scenes that are new to this edition.  We pull back the curtain on the power Father Chester Dunhill holds and we see Father Maxwell Channing deal with the aftermath of Andi Winters.

The additions were a needed bit.  At the moment I am about 11 thousand words into, The Calling, which serves as the other sort of prequel novella to the full length White Creek novel I’m working on also.  While writing those two, I found that a little more concrete was needed to help shore up what is to come for the cursed town.  The more I wrote the other tales, the more I wanted to fix certain things in In Memoriam.  With SAD House Press, I had the ability to go in and do what I felt was necessary to bring the book in line with the current projects.

So, here it is…again.  I hope this edition will find a home with new readers and that those who have read it before will enjoy the new elements of the story.  Well, I must get back to work on those other two books and prepare my short story collection for this fall.  Below are the purchase links for the new edition and please buy them friends and help lay the groundwork to leaving my 7-3 job behind me.  If you have read the book and want to leave a review on Amazon, I’ll humbly take your verdict one way or the other.


Grab it at Createspace, for your Kindle on Amazon, and on Smashwords.  If you are out and about in the world you can also pick it up from Amazon CA, Amazon UK, and Amazon AU.

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