Appearance Timing for Evansville Pop Con!

InMemoriam_BrentAbell_FrontCover_v3a_largerdropshadowThe day and times are now set for me at Evansville Pop Con next weekend.  I will be at the table on Saturday April 5th from 9am to 9pm.  The VIP ticket will get you in to the Con on Friday night and at 9am Saturday morning.  Regular admission tickets are good on Saturday from 10 am to 9pm and at $10 are a steal (click on the EPC highlight above for more info).  All proceeds from the con passes are being donated to different charities including the Shriner’s Hospitals and ones benefitting wounded soldiers.

The con is also the party for the re-release of, In Memoriam.  I’m very excited about it being a part of the con.  I will have plenty of other books from the past few releases I’ve had stories in also.  Remember, I can take plastic for your convenience should you run out of cash…

Lastly, The Calling, is clocking in at over 14k words.  I will be done with it in a week or two and it will be off to the pre-readers.  After that, I have a secret book collaboration or two I’m going to focus on as well as beginning to put the short story collection together.  It’s going to be a busy summer!


All the books are in for Pop Con!
All the books are in for Pop Con!


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