Revision is a Blessing Wrapped in Terror

I admit I don’t know why, but for some reason I’m never satisfied with what I write.  After a story is released, I think about how much I’d change or where I would make the flow a little different all the time.  At the moment, I’m in my own revision Hell.  That’s right, Hell for me is putting my short story collection together.

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been reading and re-reading all my published stories and those I have sitting around on my hard-drive.  Most of the tales I have the rights back to are a year or two old and revisiting them has really brought out how much I’ve grown as an author.  A few of the recent works are fine, but as I prepare to open the gates of my Hell and revise the older ones, I tremble in fear.

In the end, the stories will be vastly improved and I hope they find a way into your hands.  The tome will comprise the first three years of my work and will include a few unpublished pieces and a surprise or two (if everyone promises not to laugh at the early pieces).  Overall, everything continues to grow and I’m in the last few thousand words for The Calling.  Once it is complete, I will be focusing on the collection and the White Creek novel that The Calling and In Memoriamhave been laying the ground work for.

The short story thing has been slow, because I haven’t been writing for anthologies right now.  I have a few that I have on the calendar to write for, but the usual goal of ten published stories a year is going to be less this time around as I work on the bigger solo stuff.

Well, time to head off to prepare for a signing this weekend and finish the novella.


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