Secret Project is Worth Dying For

For a few months, as I finished the first draft of Reconstruction of the Dead, I started work on another project. It was shrouded in mystery and I waited till I reached over halfway through with the book before pulling the cover off to show what lurked beneath. The idea is to launch this book … Continue reading Secret Project is Worth Dying For

Enter “The Tool Shed”!

He is an editor who took a gamble on a story from a new author and gave him the opportunity to see his first story in print.  Since Armand Rosamilia became the one to give me the chance to start on the journey I've been on the last two years, I have had the chance … Continue reading Enter “The Tool Shed”!

Hop on the Bus for the Summer of Zombie Tour!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, seven zombie authors walk into a bar.  Once they've sat down, they discuss the idea of a blog tour.  Thinking the six of them have a good thing going, they eat the seventh one. Today I'm handing the wheel off to one of those six guys, because I really don't want to be feasted upon.  … Continue reading Hop on the Bus for the Summer of Zombie Tour!!!!!!!!!!

Special Guest Blogger…Armand Rosamilia!

Today it is my great pleasure to hand the wheel over to author, editor, and all around kick ass guy Armand Rosamilia.  He is the editor at Rymfire Books and is one hell of an author.  His newest novella, Dying Days 2 is now out and I found it a really fun read.  So my … Continue reading Special Guest Blogger…Armand Rosamilia!