A New Year with New Challenges

The place where the magic happens.

Welcome to the new year! I hope it isn’t the dumpster fire the past few years have been like, but you never know anymore. I feel like I haven’t swung by to talk with you all, but it has been a couple of months. The time has brought some seriously needed opportunities to wrap up a few WIPs.

The time away was also used to reflect on loss, and what it means to lose those we’ve worked closely with on other projects. Losing Jay Wilburn hit me hard, and the time away let me seriously think about people I need to stay in contact more and to remind myself we aren’t promised a long life, so we should live it to the fullest and have no regrets if we come up short on time.

Southern Devils 3 is being edited, and the cover work is about to be started. The plan is a spring release. I hope to have it out by my appearance to sell and sign books at Evansville Horror Con in March, but it may not be ready in time. There will be the usual digital and paperback versions, but the idea is to have hardcovers for all three books and to do an omnibus hardcover collecting all three novels. We’ll have to see how the timing works out.

Dragonflies and Small Town Horror (the White Creek story collection) should be out soon from Sirens Call Publications. I’m excited about both books, and if you haven’t picked up The Calling yet, head over to Amazon (click here, folks) and grab it now! White Creek will never be the same and neither will Frank Hill after a killer thought long dead seemingly returns from the grave as the town is cut off by a dangerous winter storm.

I also have a story accepted for an unannounced anthology for 2023. In the completed pile, I have two new short stories, a novelette, and the new novel is about a month away from the first draft being completed. Once the novel is complete, I have the final Dying Days book to wrap up my romp in Armand Rosamilia’s universe and the second book in the Death INC. series on tap.

2023 will also see me return more to the con and signing outings I’ve been absent from. My first con back in the public in 2022 lifted my spirits and prompted me to throw myself on the mercy of the public more. The first time out will be at Evansville Horror Con on March 11-12. It’s a first time con, so we’ll see how it goes. There are also some talking going on about a couple of local store signings. Hopefully, those pan out.

Anyway, I hope you have all had a nice easy start to the year. May the remainder of your year be prosperous and not suck! Lord knows, we could all use a break.

See you on the road or somewhere here online,


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