Enter the Imaginarium…

It is now official and I can announce I’ll be a guest author and panelist at the Imaginarium convention in Louisville, KY on September 19-21.  Nothing beats a weekend of books, beer, and cigars!  Besides the schedule, I will have a table and the short story collection will debut there.  Looking up and down the guest list, I see many authors I’ve made friends with over the internet and I’m looking forward to meeting them in person.  I’m especially happy I finally get to have that long-promised beer with Armand Rosamilia.

The programming hasn’t been set yet, but once I know where I’ll be, I’ll pass it along.  The weekend looks to be a fun time and I hope to make more cons in the next year as my schedule frees up.  So, head over and Enter the Imaginarium

I have sold a short story that will be published as an individual eBook soon.  This will be the only way to get this story for some time and once it goes up for sale, I’ll let you know.

I hope everyone is having a safe Memorial Day weekend and goodnight…


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