Time…and some news.

I can feel it breathe its hot breath on the nape of my neck.  I know it lurks behind me like my shadow and walks lock-step with me.  I feel it start to close its grip around me while I stand in the palm of its hand.  Every time I awake the days gone by leave aching remnants in my muscles.  Time is closing in and I think I am at  peace with that at last.

A few years ago if you were to tell me that I would finally be trying to live my dream of writing, I would have laughed at you.  Now, here I sit typing this with some stories in print, some at the press, and more upcoming.  I also have a novella being finished up, a novel started (two more plotted out), and the ground work finished for two short story collections.  I sit here at 36 and reflect on what brought me here. 

What really started this time stuff was an examination of the few white strands that are peppering my beard more and more each day.  Each one to me is a mark earned through my life.  A mark earned through love, loss, joy, hate, and everything life throws at you.  Time could have devoured me a few times already here on Earth, but time left me for later.  I am here for now, so I must make the most of it and push myself to make this thing happen.

I’ve cut back on the Backwoods cigars, the alcohol, and I tend to shed some pounds this next year because I plan on beating time for just a little longer.  I have many a story to tell and I want to be around to tell them…and now the news.

In the past week two books have gone to press, Under the Stairs from Wicked East Press with my story “Calvary Hill” and the Pill Hill Press’s Daily Flash 2012 also went to press with my tales “The Conversation” and “On the Wings of Darkness: A View From the Dark Frontier”.  I got the galley for Daily Frights 2012 (which should go to press Dec. 5th) with my stories “Dr. Forsythe’s Cure” and “Monster”.  The galley for Father Grim’s Storybook from WEP with “As I Crossed Lincoln Bridge” arrived also.  I will have more info as I get it and ordering links will be put in the Biblio page.

The chimes are tolling again and a story is screaming to be worked on so goodnight…

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