The Journey: Novella Thoughts Pt.2

I sit here working on some short stuff and preparing to take the next step into a larger world.  Soon, I will begin the editing process and rewrites on In Memoriam, my first novella and really a labor of love.  Part 1 set the stage with the current stage the novella is in, but tonight I thought I would go back to the beginning and touch on how it all started.

In Memoriam started out as a short story I played around with about two years ago.  I’d just finished my first three short stories and had all three promptly rejected and rightfully so, they were bad.  They have some promise for down the road, but they shall remain on the hard drive for the forseeable future (side note: I sent one to a publisher and they accepted it until they were really rude and unprofessional, so I pulled it and I’m glad nobody will read it).

The story started out about a woman and how the consequences for her actions catch up to her.  I might sound a little vague, but I’ don’t want to give to much of the plot away yet.  I’m doing it mostly because I’m not sure how much of it’s going to change when editing begins.  The story sat around and I thought about it for quite some time.  One day I realized that her actions past and present also affect the people around her directly.  In the long run, I thought a human element was needed to run a path along side the supernatural one.  When she is now caught between two worlds and two entities full of rage, how does she react?

The story took a different path that I envisioned originally and I like the way it turned out.  Parts of the novella deal with a very touchy subject in our country and both sides take a hit in the story.  Will portions of it piss some people off?  Yes, it will.  Am I ready to deal with the pissed off people?  Yes, because I told the story I wanted to tell and if they don’t like it, they can write their own stories.

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