Words of Warning: Undead Press Returns From the Grave

This evening while at my son’s baseball game, I received an e-mail from Tony G. at Undead Press.  The e-mail asked if the story I submitted and pulled from Cavalcade of Terror was still available.  He was wanting it for a new horror anthology.  I politely declined and I left it at that, trying to be courteous and professional. 

But…this means lessons were not learned before in regards to the aftermath of the Mandy DeGeit incident.  He is back on the prowl looking for stories again.  If anyone receives any e-mail or is contacted for a story, for the love of all that is unholy do not send anything.  There are plenty of good and reputable places you can submit your work to. 

Now, I’m not going to get into a flame war or anything, I only want to warn other authors who might have missed the previous blow up to beware where you submit.  Research the press before you submit, read any contract closely, and don’t give your work away for a copy of someone else’s book.



9 thoughts on “Words of Warning: Undead Press Returns From the Grave

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    Lord at least some people take some time and lick their wounds, maybe reflect. This guy? Seriously a joke…thanks Brent…hope you and I can follow each other!

      1. WERZOMBIES Press

        LOL hey spread some love my way wit your peeps….let me know if there is a blog you want me to reblog too btw

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