Coffin Hop 2012: Ghost Hunting

Welcome back to the Coffin Hop.  If you new to the game or if you need to check out the other blogs on the bloody trail head over to the Official Home of the Coffin Hop and get to hopping!

I took a day off and partied a bit.  Downed some Absinth, met some new friends, and found someone who is going to make sure all the things I have planned for my NaNoWriMo attempt are accurate.  The town of White Creek will have its past explored and the ramifications from its founding are going to come to the light.

The moon hangs silent in the night sky as we arrive at Willard Library.

Friday night, it was decided to take part in a ghost walk at Evansville, Indiana’s Willard Library.  During the Hoosier Horror Hop I took place in during the first week of October, I did a short piece about the library and its famous ghost, the Grey Lady.  To read more about the library or to check out the Ghost Cam, you can visit the library’s site and the Ghost Cam site. The first stop on the tour after a brief history of the ghost, we descended down the large beautifully carved wooden stairs to the basement.  The basement is where the ghost was first glimpsed and is also the home of the children’s room.  The large group sat in the room and heard tales of ghostly deeds.  The ghost likes to take every fourth book and pull it out from the shelf and has been known to toss a book on the floor from time to time.

The second stop was the second floor which is the next place the ghost frequents often.  Once the stories were told and the group filed out to the stairs, three of us stayed behind.  I noticed two girls taking some pictures and then quickly looking at the pics they took.  We began discussing the two large mirrors on top of the book shelves to help the librarian watch the room.  One sat totally still and the second was waving back and forth.  The mirror is held by two thick metal poles and there was not any air flow around the mirror.  We backed up and snapped some more pictures.  The new pictures around the mirror showed two orbs floating in the air around the mirror that could not be seen with the naked eye.  Dust on the lens?  We don’t know, but the orbs being around the shaking mirror is suspect.

After the tour, five of us returned to the basement to investigate further.  My son and I went to the children’s room and the others went to check out the hallway where the bathrooms are located.  Going into the children’s room , we felt the air change.  It became heavy and dense.  The hair on the back of neck rose and I felt her.  When something of that nature is around, I can feel its presence.  I asked my son if he smelled something and he told me he did.  The sweet-smelling aroma tickled my nose and I thought about the lilac scent that is present when she is near.  I snapped some pics in the dark, but without a flash, nothing showed up.  We bid her good night and left to go back upstairs.

I want to spend more time there to check things out further.  Since I need to do some research about the old TB hospital and the state hospital for some novel work, I plan on doing a little poking around the library in hopes of seeing the Grey Lady.

Sitting on the second floor in the chair the Grey Lady has been known to manifest in or around. This about five minutes before the mirror incident.
Some people have pointed out the strange looking thing above my head in the picture. It is circled for you to see. I think it is from the window, but who knows…

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