And the Coffin Hop 2012 Winner is…

The names have been brought together and the entries given to the spirits who live in the random drawing thing on-line.  Each name flutters around and all of them cry out to be the lucky one, the chosen name.  After a moment, a winner is revealed…

But first, this short break.

I want to thank everyone who stopped by on the Coffin Hop 2012!  I had a lot of fun and I hope everyone did too.  The Hop is a great way to meet new authors and win some cool prizes.  Go and buy some of the great work from the Hoppers and stay scared all year until we meet again on this path next year.  Remember, Halloween is a way of life and not a holiday.  Live it and love the whole year (and go buy In Memoriam, help a brother out with his first solo work).

So until next time,

Oh yeah, the winner…

Jason Darrick!  He wins the signed paperback of In Memoriam and the Coffin Hop EP, but since Jason is in the full Coffin Hop anthology, there is another winner for the EP and that person is bn100!  I will contact both of you so we can get the prizes out!


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