The Road to 2013

inmemoriam copy2012 is rapidly coming to a close and this year has been a year of loss, sorrow, and victory.  For all the tears that have fallen recently, there have been triumphs during the past twelve months that can still bring a smile to my face.  2011 only began to get my feet wet with my writing and 2012 saw a progression ending with my first novella In Memoriam being released.  There is a notable difference in my work and everything is improving.  I did not write and submit as many short stories as I wanted, but this year shifted and the novella became the chunk of my writing time.  Since I’ve been messing around with other projects, I owe you readers a new update.

The main project I’ve been working on now is the Southern Devils trilogy (a novella series setting up a full novel).  Book 1 is at 21,000 words and will be complete in a week.  Before the new year, it will be in the hands of pre-readers.  There has been some interest in this series and I hope it lives up to expectations.  The remaining books in the series are being plotted now and will be worked on after I finish another project or two.

I admit, in 2012 I was lazy at times and I didn’t get the work done I wanted to.  My 2013 goal is stop putting things off and do them.  I hope to have some shorts released in the new year as well as to finish the Southern Devilstrilogy, two other novella ideas, and some other surprises.  A short story collection is looking to be coming and I’m taking a shot at something in the graphic novel realm.

Next week, I’ll be here with my top 10 novels I read in 2012 and… wait, I hear something.

The dog is barking like mad and the boys are yelling upstairs.  I’m going to see what’s happening.  Take care and I’ll see you…

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