Some History for You…

HorrificHistoryDraftBefore we begin, the last post mentioned that the cover artwork for Hazardous Press’s Horrific History anthology had been revealed and now here it is for all to see (art is by Luke Spooner and you can go take a peek at his work at  I dig it and I can’t wait for the book to be in your hands.  The tentative release date is April 19th and the line up in the TOC is amazing and I’m happy to be included with such a talented bunch of authors.

Below is the TOC (Thanks to Christian Larsen for posting the list!):

  • “10 Weeks” by David Williamson
  • “The Blackest Rite” by D. Alexander Ward
  • “Dust” by Cameron Suey
  • “The Fires of Hell and Avondale” by Julianne Snow
  • “Fireweed” by Lynne MacLean
  • “Giving Thanks” by Ken MacGregor
  • “Junior LeBlanc & Katrina” by Douglas J. Moore
  • “Lightning” by Monette Bebow-Reinhard
  • “Lindisfarne” by Rebecca L. Brown
  • “Lucan” by Adam Millard
  • “Mud” by Pete Aldin
  • “Plymouth, Born Again” by Christopher Nelson
  • “Prettiest Things” by Emerian Rich
  • “Scion” by Deborah Drake
  • “Securing the Empire” by Jay Wilburn
  • “Ship of Nighmares, Ship of Dreams” by Brent Nichols
  • “Skin of Blue and Grey” by Christian A. Larsen
  • “Skraelings” by Rose Blackthorn
  • “Teedie and the Night Drive” by Doug Murano
  • “Turning the Clock Back” by Jenny Twist
  • “Under Azrael’s Banner” by Lee Clark Zumpe
  • “Valley of the Dead Trees” by T. Fox Dunham
  • “The Vercelli Book” by Gwendolyn Edward
  • “Winds of War” by Brent Abell

“Winds of War” is the tale of how the US became involved in WWI with the sinking of a ship and our government never wanted you to know about it.  It involves vampires and they don’t love people, they eat them.  In a typical twist, I left myself open to a sequel at some point and I have scribbled a few notes which may or may not become a story at some point.  I do like the main character and there are some tales on the horizon featuring him and the Order he belongs to.

I am off to finish a rewrite on a certain pet rock’s story, so I’ll leave you now.


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