Cigar and a beer? Must be a new Release!

horrifichistoryThe smoke has cleared on the ocean and the great ship swiftly sinks into the waters, an apparent victim of a German U-Boat.  But was it the Germans and why did the Lusitania get torpedoed during World War I?  The answers are not what they taught you in school…

They are much, much worse…

From Hazardous Press and Robert Helmbrecht comes a collection of tales that sheds some light on various points in history and tells you the horrifying truth.  This great book includes tales by such talented authors as Pete Aldin, Jason Andrew, Monette Bebow-Reinhard, Rose Blackthorn, Rebecca L. Brown, Deborah Drake, T. Fox Dunham, Gwendolyn Edward, Aaron J. French, Tara Fox Hall, Christian A. Larsen, Ken MacGregor, Lynne MacLean, Adam Millard, Douglas J. Moore, Doug Murano, Christopher S. Nelson, Brent Nichols, Emerian Rich, Stephen D. Rogers, Julianne Snow, Cameron Suey, Jenny Twist, D. Alexander Ward, Jay Wilburn, David Williamson and Lee Clark Zumpe.

I had a ton of fun writing “Winds of War”.  I hope you have a good time reading it and the other stellar stories in this collection.  It is available now on Amazon in paperback for you old school book lovers and on Kindle for you tech-savy folks.

Paperback copies can be purchased here (buy now).

Kindle version can be sent to your hands directly here (buy now).

The book is a hell of a good time and I hope you enjoy the stories!


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