Goodbye 2015 and Hello 2016

2015 was a different beast. I only had one short story hit and another accepted for a project that is coming soon. On the flip side, I had many longer collaboration projects released last year. This was very unlike me because I like to try to get a few stories tucked in here and there while I get the longer pieces completed. I found working with other authors on a book has a pretty good upside. I can have a book release that is not an anthology, but not have to write an entire book. It really helps getting a good backlist of titles for readers to choose from.

Looking back at 2015, it looked a little something like this…


March 13th: The first of the Hellmouth Trilogy, Hollywood Hellmouth, drops on an unsuspecting populace. The first book started off as Armand Rosamilia, Jack Wallen, Jay Wilburn, and myself having some fun and putting Solomon through some weird stuff. We published the book and set out to debut the paperback at MidSouth Con a week later.


March 20th-22nd: MidSouth Con found me reuniting with my Hellmouth co-writers to pimp the book in Memphis, Tennessee. The con was a great time and the seeds for later Hellmouth books were planted.


TestimonyMarch 29th: My only true short story for the year, The Testimony of H.J. Pembrooke,  dropped as a stand-alone from Phrenic Press.


July 21st: The second of the unholy Hellmouth series, Hoboken Hellmouth, hit the streets to much rejoicing. Once again, we put all of our culture on trial and roasted it.



September 8th: Solomon finally gets a break in the final book of the Hellmouth trilogy, Honolulu Hellmouth. This book also served as a guide for how to act at cons and examined the problems found in the small press. Overall, fun was had by everyone…

September 11th-13th: I returned for the second Imaginarium convention in Louisville, Kentucky. Armand, Jack, Jay, and myself teamed up to officially release, Honolulu Hellmouth.

MiddletownOctober 31st: Halloween saw the release of the most successful project I’ve ever been involved in, Middletown Apocalypse. I don’t count this as a short story, because once you hit 14k words in a story it kind of becomes a novelette. There is more news concerning this later…

2015 was a good year. I hope to ride the momentum from last year and make 2016 the best year yet.

Looking forward to this year…

The year started off good when I sent the first short story submission in a long, long time. Hitting send on it felt really good and I want to hit the short story road a few more times this year. The Calling, I hope will be released this year. I delve deeper into the White Creek mythos in the book and set in motion much of what is coming in the current White Creek novella and novel being written now. There is an anthology with a rather nasty tale of mine due very shortly. I am also really wanting Southern Devils to find a home this year. I want to have it someplace before I begin working on the second book. And to cap it all off, Middletown Apocalypse, will have a sequel arriving on Halloween again.

2016 is looking to be busy and thanks for staying on the ride!




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