The Smile From Space

Okay, I know I’m supposed to make my point about why I like John Saul, but I’m still gathering my information and doing another examination of my favorite of his works.

Instead, something else is dropping instead…

Back in 2013, I found a call for an anthology dealing with giant monsters rampaging through the cities of Earth. The call said to think outside of the box. I thought outside the box by writing about a giant pet rock with eyes and a mouth being drawn on by a marker. Yeah, I know, I have some weird thoughts in my head and I wanted to write a tale about a father and a son.

The story did get selected by Grinning Skull Press to be included in their Attack! of the B-Movie Monsters: Night of the Gigantis. It had some nice words in some reviews and people liked the story of Jake and his rampage. The problem with it was its length. At almost ten thousand words, doing anything else with it is a tough sell to other presses due to it being long and being a reprint. So, I felt putting it out as a solo story would be fun and give me the chance to learn some stuff about what needs to be done to bring words to the masses. I want to thank Jack Wallen for the cover and for his guidance through this process.

Stone Cold Horror From the Stars is out now for your Kindle and will be out soon as a nice little chap book. To celebrate, I’m running a sale on Wicked Tales for Wicked People starting tomorrow until April 13th. It’ll only be .99 for the Kindle so you can load up for your vacations this summer. Click here for the pet rock and here for the special. There will be a contest soon for some swag, so read it and get ready to party this summer!

Thanks and goodnight,


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