Can He Do It? Maybe…

IMG_0790The Board of Projects in the picture is circa 2013 or so. It served its purpose and a year or so ago, it was retired. The Board of Projects is now twice the size of the old one and is where I attempt to keep track of everything going on.

What’s going on now?

National Novel Writing Month or as we like to say, NaNoWriMo.

I give it a go every year and usually fall waaay short of my goal. The end game is to have a 50k word novel draft completed. I try to make it to 40k and see where it goes from there. Usually, this early in, I’m already out.

But, maybe not this year…

Granted, I’m about to begin a major re-write of what I’ve written. However, I have 13k of Death Inc. finished already. I may have cheated and had a few thousand words banked, but every little bit helps.

In the end, this book is a lot of fun. Milo’s journey through the Void and his misadventures as an employee of Death Inc. has been the most fun I’ve had writing a book. The tone is along the lines of the Hellmouth Trilogy which I co-wrote. Stepping back and doing a book outside of my usual has been liberating. I’ve been able to take some chances I normally wouldn’t take. After all the zombie projects lately, the break is welcomed.

About those zombies…

MT3On November 10th, Middletown 3: Metal Apocalypse drops. This is my third time in the book and the continuing story of the Phoenix Virus expands into the world. You don’t need to have read the first two stories, but it makes the world bigger if you have.

Then on November 28th, Dying Days: Death Sentence is unleashed on the world. It is set in Armand Rosamilia’s world and it opens it u p for an expansion into the rest of the United States. The book is up for pre-order and until it releases, it is only .99. DDDSFinal

So, there is the deal for the month. There are lots of words to write and lots of stuff coming out. I’ve got to get going and get typing on the book. Take care and have fun raking leaves… I know I am.


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