Cover Reveal Day!

What is happening people?

I’m still here, but not all here. The going has been slow the last two weeks following hand surgery. Good news is the stitches come out in a few days and I’ll be ready to go. Bad news is I’ll still be mostly using one hand to type for another week or so. It slows everything up, but it’s progress.

At the moment, I’ve been chipping away at the untitled Frank Hill book and the new entry for the Middletown series anthology. There is also the line edits for a book called, Death Inc., I need to work on also.

Speaking of which…

It is time for the cover to be revealed. I wanted Death Inc.‘s cover to be simple and basic. It didn’t need fancy pictures. It needed to reflect a corporate logo and the blackness of death. The image needed to look good for tattoos and tee shirts. Jack Wallen, once again, hit a homerun.

And now…



Now, the fun part.

Do you want to be in book two?

Comment here or like and share this post on Facebook. Hell, if you share on Twitter you can get more entries. I’ll add all the chances up on July 4th and someone will become a character in Milo’s second outing as a Reaper. Hopefully, you’ll have an easier time than he did…

Good luck and good night,


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