When the Dry Spell Breaks

The Middletown stories now in one handy edition on Amazon now!


In the time since we last spoke, there has been a ton of stuff happening. I’ve been very busy behind the scenes getting stuff out and even getting the next White Creek novel at home with the publisher.

First off, I was part of a super series of anthologies known as the Middletown Apocalypse. Each one featured multiple authors telling zombie stories with a shared set of rules. The different directions everyone took makes them all a fun read. You can pick up them up on Amazon. I decided to tell one connected story over the four books. The result is Phoenix Protocol: The Middletown Omnibus. The tome collects all four stories into one volume. The book focuses on how the Phoenix Virus gets loose and brings about the zombie apocalypse. I have more to say about the world, and it will be coming soon.

Secondly, is the long awaited paperback version of Death Inc. The paperback version has been a long time coming, and I’m thrilled to finally have it in dead tree form.

Thirdly, both Southern Devils and Reconstruction of the Dead were re-edited and I’m happier with both new versions. If you haven’t picked them up, now is the time is to get on it. I’ve started the end of the trilogy and hope to have it done by the end of the year.

Lastly, is the project that has brought me one of the greatest joys I’ve had writing lately. I was approached about being part of a short horror anthology with three other guys. I was intrigued and accepted without much thought. I’m glad I did. I got to work with my dear friend, Jack Wallen again and made two new friends in Sean Cochrane and Dillon Brown (who are both great horror authors). Disquieted is a twisted romp through the messed up minds of four twisted people. The book is amazing, and I hope everyone picks it up when it drops on July 17th.

Checkout the new project 7-17-2020

I have a Dying Days book to finish and publisher edits on the new White Creek novel to make. I hope everyone is staying safe out there and punching racists and nazis whenever you encounter them in the face.

Take care,


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