White Creek is Opening its Doors to Welcome You Once Again

The Calling is available now! Purchase here.

The first draft for Dying Days: Zealot is finally finished. I’ll be working on the second draft and edits over the next month or so. The goal is have it ready for release around Christmas. I will then have one more book I want to write in that world before I put it to rest.

One world not going to rest anytime soon is the town of White Creek and its reluctant protector, Sheriff Frank Hill.

I as sit here to having this conversation with you, the short story, Amos’s Song, has been picked up for The Sirens Call‘s Halloween issue. The tale is set in White Creek and ties into the next phase of the town’s story. I can also report at this point that Sirens Call Publications and myself are working on the release for the next book in the White Creek series, Dragonflies. There may also be something else brewing…

On the burners now, I’m working on my VHS themed story for a secret project with three other awesome guys. Southern Devils is about to get its final chapter and Milo Anderson’s afterlife is about to get turned upside down in the sequel to Death Inc. I’m going to focus on some non-world books after that. I need a break from the series books. I’ll still have White Creek going on, but I have ideas for some other things. There is also a collaboration with another author brewing. We plan on beginning it after the first of the year.

Monday, I’m returning to a feature I haven’t had here in a quite some time. I’m going back into The Arena! Dillon Brown will be the focus as he launches his new book, Velvet.

I hope everyone has a good holiday weekend, and come back Monday for The Arena!



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