Horrorfind 13 Part 1

This not what the ‘going to be’ standard Friday blog is for the week, but will instead be a few short blasts from the Horrorfind 13 Convention in Gettysburg, PA.

As I sit here partaking of cold pizza for breakfast in my hotel room, I realize that for the first time during this trip, I am not drunk.  This fact might be the reason I am still in the room and Wes disappeared around 3am.  I must change that and get my drink on today because I would rather not take the beer home that’s still in the car.  I have to be careful with how bad I get tonight because I read first thing Sunday morning and I am reading with my bottle of Jamieson’s in my hand.

Being at a convention as a reader has been a great experience so far.  Connecting with other writers I read and meeting back up with ones I have met in the past is really nice.  Being at the start of my career, the help and encouragement the crew from PA and the guy from GA give is priceless.  They were me once and the way they try to pay it forward to some of us newbies is something I could never thank them enough for.  I only hope that one day I can be in their shoes and be able to pay it forwards myself.

On another note, I did meet up with the crew from Library of the Living Dead Press and got an update from the editor on “The South Will Rise Undead”.  It is still going to come out, but he is really behind.  I am looking forwards to that one since “Stonewall” was my first sale and it will always have a special place in my heart.  I am lucky that “A Winter’s Feast” is out in print so I can read from it at my reading.  Something about being able to do that makes me feel like this has the possibility to go somewhere.

More later.

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