Horrorfind Part 2

Sorry about the delay in posts, but it was a busy, amazing weekend.  The past year and a half I have been writing seems like a blur.  It started out as a lark, just doing a flash fiction piece to read at the open mike at Mo-Con V in 2010.  That lark has turned serious.  Since then I have sold four stories, but it still didn’t seem real.  This past weekend that all changed, it became real.

When you see your name on a guest badge, in the program, and read to people out of a book you’re in, reality sets in.  When the other authors that you only read books from talk to you as a peer and offer advice, it sets in further.  Having them take the time to talk and lend a hand was worth the trip.  Because of one conversation, I am starting a young adult trilogy I only threw about in my mind for my sons.  That person encouraged me to stop messing around and do it.  So, thanks to him, that’s my focus for the time being.  For the record, that same man told me to stop, “f**king around” with my novella and get it sent out.  Because of another, I learned ways to read in front of the crowd better.  From all of them I learned things that will make my work so much better as I go through the second year of writing.  I hope you like the results. 

I was asked what was the biggest lesson I learned from the other authors at Horrorfind.  Well, I learned that any money an author makes at the convention is spent on beer.  I’m ok with that.  I can handle that because I like to consume mass quantities of beer and Jameson Whiskey. 

Next year I will read again, I will have much more on the table, and I will learn some more.  The trip is only starting and to those reading this, welcome.  We can only go up from here…

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