News, Beer, and a Live Episode of Cops

First off, damn I hate waiting.  Christmas?  My siblings and I had our haul scoped out a month in advance.  Lines?  I buy expensive badges to Star Wars Celebrations so I don’t have to wait in most lines.  Submissions?  That my friends is the one thing that kills me…and I can’t change a thing about it.  I’ve been checking my email all day, even at work, waiting to hear about three stories that have crossed over from the computer to the editor’s desk.  One I should find out about by midnight EST tonight.  If it doesn’t make it, I have a conundrum.  For what it was written for and the style I wrote it, makes it hard to take elsewhere.  So, if it doesn’t make it, I am going to give it one last run through and post it here next week for the blog.

I did get the contract for the New Dawn Fades anthology from Post Mortem Press today, so “Spot Shoot” is signed for and ready to go.  The anthology should be out around November 7th.  I will put links to Amazon and other places selling it in the Biblio section once the links become live.

It is no secret, I love beer.  I love Sam Adams beers the most, anything new, I am game to try it.  For the most part, they never fail me.  In the past, I have never been lucky enough to score the low production “Longshot” winners.  Every year they have people send in their home-brew recipes and then choose three to feature in the “Longshot Winners” collection.  Three beers, two of each, and a very small window to find them.  This year, for the first time ever, I found a six-pack of them.  After consuming two of them, I am ready with my opinion.

The Friar Hop Ale is great.  It took a few swigs before the full, robust flavor from the hops hit me, but when they did, I changed my view to ‘like’.  The second I consumed was the Honey B’s Lavender Ale.  First off, remember the Miller commercials where there is a collection of men’s men writing  ‘man law’?  They once instructed us to, “not fruit the beer”.  I will take it one further and, I can’t believe I have to go here, don’t flower the beer.  Beware anything that was made with crushed flower petals.  It was not bad, but I would rather look and smell flowers than drink them.  It was a lighter brew, but the smell and after taste was like a bathroom air freshener.

I will report back about the third later.

On a closing note, last night while working at a parking lot at a festival, I watched a live episode of Cops.  It was awesome…made my night.  First off a word of advise, when the police have an area blocked off for a parade, don’t drive through the barricades and then run over a sign in front of six or so cops.  The man was so drunk he ignored repeated shouts for him to stop.  It ended with a lot of  police cursing and yelling, them pulling the guy out of the barely moving vehicle to the pavement, and stopping it themselves.  I was so bored and watching Joe Redneck get downed made my night.  Inside my mind, I was hoping for more action, but anything was good by that point.  I know it sounds bad, but man I was that friggin’ bored!

Ok, I am off to work on three or four stories I want to get done and submitted by the end of the month, so play nice, and maybe I’ll also figure out how I’m going to roll out the “Dark Frontier” later this year.

Be good..

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