Coffin Hop- All Hail the Pumpkin King

Welcome to the show, step inside…step inside.  Rather you are a regular visitor or just passing through the graveyard on the Coffin Hop, let me welcome you to the official home of me.  Let me introduce myself, I am Brent Abell and I write horror and dark fiction.  The things that go bump in the night?  That’s me and the stories I bring to the masses.  I have been writing for just over a year and a half.  My work has been accepted to anthologies from Rymfire eBooks, Library of the Living Dead, Post Mortem Press, Pill Hill Press, and I have three stories upcoming with Wicked East Press.  I read at Mo-Con in 2010 and at Horrorfind 13 in 2011.  If you would like more information, please check the Biblio link on the right for all the stories and links. 

I have told personal stories and I have shared my reasons for writing in previous blogs.  Recently I have started to rate the many beers I drink so I can share my love of the brew with you.  I am ramping up to start book and movie reviews for the horror genre.  The site is also used to spread the word about upcoming projects and new releases.  Now then for the good stuff.  This weekend, in honor of the Coffin Hop, I will do my first book review and I have a surprise guest to the blog.  The guest is a surprise, so be sure to check back Sunday to find out who stops by.

Since it is close to Halloween, I must write and do my yearly viewing of “The Nightmare Before Christmas”.  Be good and be sure to stop by for some ‘tricks or treat’ this weekend.  Good night!

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