Coffin Hop: Contest Author #1

Ok gang, you have seven days and seven authors.  Your mission: be the first to correctly guess my favorite book by that day’s author.  Go down and enter your guess into the comment section.  The first person that correctly guesses each day will have their name in the hat for the grand prize at the end of the seven days.  Remember, the pack includes a signed copy of the “New Dawn Fades” anthology with my story “Spot Shot” from Post Mortem Press, a Cemetery Dance hardcover of Peter Straub’s “Pork Pie Hat”, and a Delirium hardcover of Jeff Strand’s “Fangboy” courtesy of Jeff (and if you want more Jeff, check out the last blog post where he graciously answered some questions).

Today I am going to start with the big guy, Stephen King.  This guy has been sending us to bed with nightmares since his first novel “Carrie” was released in 1974 and is getting ready to put us through the paces again in a few weeks when his latest novel, “11/22/63” comes out.  He was the first horror author I read and I will always revere his work.  The only problem is that with all his hardcovers on my bookshelf, the shelves start to bow from the weight of all that goodness.

There are plenty of books to guess from, so Hop to it!  Hint:  Unlike most people, my favorite book is not “The Stand” and some small towns get what they deserve.

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