Coffin Hop Contest Author- Tuesday Edition

 Ok gang for the rest of the time, I have decided to let everyone enter an answer to the Author of the Day and all right answers will be entered.  I want more people to have a chance.  The blog this week will have a new bio for me since the first one is old enough it doesn’t appear on the front page anymore.

Today’s author is Brian Keene.  Since “The Rising” hit the shelves, Brian has been one of the most popular genre authors in the business.  He is a two-time Stoker Award winner, has a shelf of other awards, and continues to sell out all his limited releases.  His work is being re-issued by Deadite Press (go and buy them all, they are all a good read).  I have had the chance to hang out with him a few times and he is a great guy on top of it all.  His words to me at Mo*Con IV in 2010 are a huge reason I am still writing.  So I owe this man a lot and now you guys get to try to guess my favorite book by him. 

Hint:  To narrow it down, my favorite book doesn’t involve zombies and novellas are fair game.

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