Daily Frights Now Avalible and a Rant

Welcome!  I am pleased to announce that Pill Hill Press’s Daily Frights 2012: Leap Year Edition is now for sale.  I have two tales haunting its pages, “Monster” and “Dr. Forsythe’s Cure”.  Once again, both are 500 word flash fiction stories.

“Monster” was an idea that had been floating around in my head for a month or so about a boy trying to cope with the monster that lives under his bed.  His family doesn’t believe him, so one night he takes matters into his own hands.  The end was not how I envisioned it, but when I typed it, I loved it. 

“Dr. Forsythe’s Cure” I sat down and whipped up quickly for the hell of it.  The idea of how a doctor would attempt to treat a phobia and its unintended consequences intrigued me. 

So, go forth and read in 2012!  Pick up Daily Flash or Daily Frights and enjoy my four yarns and the other 364 in each book.  At 500 words or less you can relax, kick your feet up, and enjoy a bunch of cool stories from a bunch of talented people. 

Disclaimer…next is my opinion on the current political landscape.

Ok, rant time.  Facebook and the government are the devil.  Both are filled with a bunch of B.S. from the extreme right and the extreme left.  Facebook has become a place for the ends of the spectrum to tee off on each other and flood the site with a ton of crap.  In Washington, both parties find themselves trapped by their power. 

Trapped how?  Well, they like their positions and would really like to keep them.  Where the Dems and the Repubs have problems is the primary voters.  Primaries don’t bring out your average everyday voter, they bring out the venom spewing demon spawn from each side that would rather burn the country down before they would work with the other party.  These are the people our “representatives” bow to.  Without the primary, they can’t run in the general election. 

Take the Repub presidential fiasco going on right now.  There is no way in Hell Newt can win against Obama in 2012, but because the fringe right loves him (and their other favorites have epic failed), he is leading the polls right now.  Mitt is a more center-right person who is more likely to work with the left to get something done and polls better in head-to-head match ups against Obama.  Guess what?  He is second or third in some polls because of this.  We end up with politicians who owe their power to the extremes on both sides and gridlock everything because they can’t get along. 

How dare they work together!  While these far end voters take control of the politicians, where does that leave the other 80% or so of the rest of us?  Where is my voice in all the yelling and screaming and name calling and finger-pointing?  I know where my voice is…ignored.  The system is failing the majority to appease a small minority voting block.  Does the middle have a voice anymore?  No and I don’t get it.  Once the pinheads win the primary, they need the middle to vote for them to win the general election.  Mitt has some issues now because as he tries to make the extreme right happy to win the primary, he has gone back on many middle-of-the-road stances he once held and he is going slaughtered for this flip-flopping.

If you are in the middle, stand and be proud!  Go to the polls and vote this primary season so the fringe’s voice gets muted a little bit.  We need to start taking the country back for all of us, not just a privileged few on the right and the left.  We are a united country that needs to find its identity again and not from the SEIU, NRA, Sierra Club, or the Heritage Foundation.  I am an a American and I am in the silent 80% no longer.


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