News and You Know…That Something…

Ok, three more posts left for the year.  At some point in the next week or so, I will give you my Top Ten List of new books for 2011 that I read and my 2011 recap.  So barring any new breaking news to hit, this should be my last news post for the year.

I had a non-fiction zombie piece accepted for a fun book that will out in January.  The chance to give my views on the how’s and why’s for my zombie fiction was too good to pass up.  It was a blast to write and I’ll have more info on it when I receive it.

Has anyone ever come out of the blue and said something to you that struck a chord?  I got a message from someone on the site here that commented I have a great future with my work.  Rose, I thank you for the kind words.  I tend to have issues with self-doubt and having someone who is not a friend or family member say that goes a long way to calming my inner doubt.  Stick around Rose, the fun is just getting started.

Lastly, my friend Wesley Southard is offering a free book give-away on his site  One lucky winner will receive a copy of Pill Hill Press’s Daily Flash 2012: Leap Year Edition.  His story “God Bless You” is a great funny read that will turn that frown upside down!  He is going to sign it and has asked me to sign my stories also.   So go check out his page and try to win a gorgeous signed book.

Next time I will give you my top 10 list of 2011.


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