Updates and Who I Endorse In 2012

First off, I have made some more tweaks to the page and you can now view the Facebook section on the sidebar.  That is for the page I set up for just the writing gig, so if you haven’t already, go and ‘Like It’ so I can feel better about myself.  There are author links in the ‘Author Links’ section now (not many, but there will be more). 

Armand over at Rymfire sent out the cover for the Zombie Writing! book of non-fiction essays today.  When I looked at it, I realized that the dude is how I feel most of the time.  Believe me, most times I want to jab a pencil, pen, or any other sharp pointy object into my skull.

The book will be out in a week or so and I will give you all the links as soon as it goes live in electronic and print form.  I will also have a short interview with the editor Armand Rosamilia to celebrate the release also.

I hate my laptop for one simple reason… it won’t save stuff where I want it to.  I’m pretty lazy and because I have not been paying attention when I save stuff, I have story fragments all over the place.  I am going to change that and make a folder for each tale and then dig through all the files and look under every bed until each story has A folder for it and not each draft being in twelve different places.  This takes time so I doubt I’ll get a lot done.  Writing or cleaning up the hard drive?  Not even close, I’ll write every time.

Lastly, many have asked about who I am endorsing for the 2012 Presidential Election.  I am very political and very…Republican, so the Primaries are something I am laughing at on a daily basis.  In a world where the incumbant is very beatable, the GOP sends in the clowns.  Being pragmatic, I would say the Waffle King over the angry old man, the crazy old man, the one from Texas, and the one who has a name bestowed on a very disgusting act.  I looked closely at who I thought could lead our country back to greatness and have the rest of the world kneeling and begging our feet.  I wanted a leader who oozes power and might, one who causes others to tremble in terror.  So in 2012 I endorse…

I’m not sure who did this wonderful piece, but I would credit you if I knew.  The tag line sums up how I feel about the election this year.  Instead of a lesser, let us rise up and vote for the greatest evil ever.  I don’t think we’ll be disappointed


One thought on “Updates and Who I Endorse In 2012

  1. Hilarious! I love the part about “liking” your page, so you’ll feel good about yourself. Know what you mean!
    I lean to the right as well and agree with you 110%. My boy Newt really blew it, I think. Oh, well! We’ll see what happens…
    Take it easy.


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