Take a Ride on the Death Train

Well, the great news continues for 2012.  “The Reaper Rides” has been selected to be in Rymfire Undead’s Undead Tales 2 coming soon.  It brought with it the best acceptance letter I’ve ever received and editor Armand Rosamilia was kind enough to let me reprint it here.

After careful consideration, where we looked at each sentence individually for “The Reaper Rides”, submitted for the “Undead Tales 2” zombie anthology, and read it out loud and then backwards, and decided whether it fit with the already accepted stories in the anthology, and whether or not it stood on its own merit, and whether or not the story itself would leave an indelible mark on society (both living and undead) for generations to come, and whether or not the sentence structure, grammar, plot devices, need of a train in the story, and zombies vs. living people death ratios was right, how many females were in the story, the relative age of everyone in the story, median wealth of the characters, whether or not they owned or rented housing, number of pets, blood droplets per page (printed, of course), why the story was set on the East Coast vs. the West Coast, how often pizza is mentioned or not mentioned, as well as alcohol, and whether or not profanity was needed in the story…
Forgot what i was talking about…
Oh, yeah, your story has been accepted into the “Undead Tales 2” anthology… more info later…
Armand Rosamilia

He later asked me how long it took me to figure out I was accepted to which I answered a couple of sentences.  I thought at first he was letting me down gently and explaining why it was being rejected so once I started laughing at how absurd the email was, I knew I got in.  Ok, about the story…

“The Reaper Rides” is a nice tale about a group of passengers trapped on the MARC train that runs in-between Washington DC and Baltimore.  When a quarantine protocol stops the train on the tracks between cities, the group finds out the images they only thought was on the news is on the train with them and Death has a schedule to keep.

 So look for the book for your e-readers shortly with a print copy following it.  There will be a call for all to order and enjoy the 16 tales of undead zombie goodness.  To help promote the book, I’m going to hold a contest where you can win a signed copy of the book, a signed book-plate with an original little bit of fiction on it, or you can win a death in an upcoming story or book.  I will post the details when the book is released.

Lastly, I sent out some things and I hope to have some news later.  The list of stuff to do grows all the time and the board is full of dates and deadlines.  I will leave you with one last thought, I believed finding my name on Amazon was the highlight of my career, but finding it on eBay is even better!  Click here for a good laugh!


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