Is Writing a Job?

I already have a full-time (plus some) job.  I put in a ton of hours and sometimes when I get home, the muse is toast and it takes a great deal of rum to awaken it again.  Every so often, by the time that happens, I’m asleep and my dreams freak me out.  The muse is a stubborn thing and can’t be held down very easily.

But is writing my second job?

Yes, I choose to look at it that way.  I have to work hard to carve out my tale, I have to work harder to polish it, and I have to make sure I follow submission directions.  Editors?  Those are my bosses.  They can tell me to fix something or tell me, “no, but please try again”.  Customers?  Everyone that will read my work is a potential customer.  I have to deliver a product they will enjoy and will make them want more.

So, how should I treat this second job?

I treat it very seriously.  My blog (you’re already here), Amazon page, and Facebook feeds (links on the sidebar) are kept clean (my Twitter – @BrentTAbell – on the other hand is where I let it all hang out and can be vulgar on occasion).  Does a new fan want to click on any of the above links and read me curse every other word?  No, I didn’t just learn the ‘f-word’ yesterday so I choose not to throw it around like I did.  New readers checking things out are sizing me up.  So, will I sound like a two-year old or will I sound like a professional trying to land a new client?  I’m treating it like a job interview.  If they like me and my work, I’m in with a new reader.  If I act belligerent in my posts, then most people would skip me over and try someone else.  If that happens, I’ve lost current and future sales.

The one lesson I’ve learned early is that to be a professional, you must carry yourself as one.  I strive to always be gracious and thankful for everything I’ve been able to do so far.  I’ve been to some cool places, done some cool things, and met tons of cool people.

What will I do with my second job?

Try to make it my only job.  Oh, here is the cramped space I have to work in until we make the house bigger and I have a whole office to myself.  Well, my bookshelves will take up most of it…

It has also been awhile since I talked about the new books I’ve read.  This is being cleared up now and I’ll be posting my thoughts on the books I’ve read from this year so far.  I just received a package from Thunderstorm Books and I am expecting one from Sinister Grin Press this week.  Let the flood gates open!


7 thoughts on “Is Writing a Job?

  1. Yes, wow. Thanks for inspiring me to keep on keeping on. My muses only seems to show up early mornings before the day job. If I miss that opportunity, the muses usually fly. I, too, am working to make my second job, my first job. It’s tough, but I believe it’ll be worth it.

    1. When I started, it was for fun. I still didn’t take it seriously after my first couple of sales. After an another set of sales, I shifted focus and made it a job. Now it is really getting serious while I prepare to unleash my debut novella thus fall.

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