What Happened to Me? And Some Updates…

Ok, I’ve been putting tons of thought into this lately…What the hell happened to me?  I was a nice quiet boy once.  I didn’t curse, I didn’t hate the light, and I read nice fantasy books.  I slipped and I slipped pretty big.  It’s not a bad thing though, I am who I am. 

After years of being force-fed the same lines over and over, I rebelled against what was expected of me.  Once I read that first Stephen King book in sixth grade, it was all down hill from there.  Do I regret my weird fall from the nice kid to the me that sits here typing this?  No, because if I hadn’t changed and opened up, I’d be doing something other than writing. 

Why do I choose to write horror fiction?  Because I think everything else is boring.  Ok, I digress.  I do like some sci-fi and fantasy stuff, but zombies, crazed killers, and demons are where I hang my hat.  In high school and college I liked to sit in the back of the class.  The kids in the back were their own individuals and made their own way.  Horror fiction writers remind me of that group I sat with in class.  We are the kids who sit in the back of the literary world and shot spitwads at the other genres.  We are the ones who don’t raise our hands because we were out drinking and partying till four in the morning and we can’t get our heads off the desk.  We are the ones your mother warned you about. 

We are also a family.

In the short time I’ve seriously chased this dream, I’ve been blessed to meet some really great authors and been given really good advise.  They opened their arms and drew me in, showing me what they did right and wrong, to always work at your craft, and if I find success I should pay it forward to the next crop of writers.  I accept this challenge with open arms and I hope you enjoy the fruits of my labor.  Sometimes finishing something is like giving birth.  I push and squeeze and push until the tale plops out of head onto the paper.  Yeah, I agree…bad analogy.

I’m in the home stretch of rewrites on In Memoriam.  The process has been much more painful than I thought it would be.  What I’ve completed so far is stronger and better, so it’s a win.  Once I finish it, we will begin the next round of edits and get this thing done so I can spring it on people at the book signing planned for October.  More to follow on that as the time gets closer.

Well, I’m done rambling for now so,


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