The Hoosier Horror Hop is Here!

Happy Halloween boils and ghouls, I will be your host for my part of a trip through the dark underbelly of the Hoosier state.  Here a crop of horror authors have banded together to scare you and we hope you’ll enjoy your hay ride through our neck of the woods.  To get the locations for other stops on the maddening tour go to Red Tash’s website at  From there your tour will take you to the edge of madness and to the lines separating life from the afterlife.  We’ve been waiting…

Me?  I’m Brent Abell and I write horror stories and other twisted tales of dread and sorrow.  I reside in Southern Indiana close to Kentucky and Illinois.  This area helped shape me and gave me the blocks I’d need to follow this path I’ve chosen.  All around our area, we have small churches with ancient cemeteries.  I once tried to break into an abandoned tuberculosis hospital because we heard about the spirits walking the halls at night.  Gazing through the windows at the blood-stained sheets still drapped over the rusted and broken down bed frames left a feeling and impression about our lives and what awaits us that never left me (neither did running from a guy with a shotgun, the sheriff who answered the call, and the way I felt those still living within the walls).  Close is also Willard Library which is infamous for the sightings of the ghost known as the ‘Lady in Gray”.  Tales of severed heads rolling across covered bridges in the moonlight all tell us we’re not alone here.

My path throughout my life has led me to this moment.  I am a few days away from the release of my debut novella In Memoriam.  I hope to show others that we can scare with the best of them here in Indiana.

During the week, I’ll feature guests from other hops, some tales from this area, and my musings on Halloween, the best time of the year.  So pull up some hay, toast some marshmallows, and prepare for Halloween…Hoosier style.


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