October’s Wrath

I haven’t had a post lately, but that is because I’ve been busy putting the finishing touches on In Memoriam and getting set to flip the calendar to October. 

And then it gets real scary.

During the month, I will be on a blog tour promoting In Memoriam, being a stop on two blog hops, and doing a handful of interviews and a podcast.  The cherry on top will be the release party/book signing on the 20th at Comics Unlimited in Evansville, Indiana from 4-7 pm with my brother from another mother (and great writer) Wesley Southard.  The signing is the first official signing for both of us and we hope to see everyone come down and hang out with us.  There might even be a surprise or two for you fiends brave enough to attend!

Once the dates for events get closer, I’ll let you know.  I can tell you now the first blog hop I will be on is from October 1st thru the 5th and from then on till Halloween I’ll be a whirling dervish of terror on the web.

So beware the ghosts and goblins, leave the nightlight on, and prepare for the invasion.

You’ve been warned…

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