Hoosier Horror Hop…Final Thoughts

Sorry folks, I am a day late with my final post to the Hoosier Horror Blog Hop.  First, I would like to thank Red Tash for putting this little piece of Indiana together.  Now everyone knows we do more than watch basketball or grow corn, we write about what lurks under the bed at night.  So, if you haven’t had a chance to catch the other blogs on the hop, go to Red’s site and click on one any of the other hoppers.  You won’t regret it!

It is no secret I love horror.  I write it, read it, and watch it.  Nothing beats that feeling deep in your gut or that shiver running down your spine when fear creeps in.  Being scared is fun and scaring people is even more fun.  This love of the dead, the undead, and those somewhere in between is why I love Halloween.

Halloween is the one night when everything I love isn’t pushed back in the dark corner and kept away from the world.  It is that one night where those of us who like spooky things can stand up and shout to the heavens, “We love horror!” and not get any weird glances.  Stores are decked out with ghosts, vampires, and tombstones.  I buy my office decor this time of year, because to me and many others like me, Halloween isn’t one day or a month.  Instead it is a way of life and a way of looking at things.

So this year, go out and celebrate the dark side of things.  This year, don’t hide your love of horror when the calendar flips to November 1st, keep reading it, watching it, and supporting it.  Buy a tombstone and leave it in the flower bed, buy a book from a hop author or any other horror author, and just go out and freak somebody out!

In closing, this week is a big week for me coming up.  My first novella In Memoriam will be released from Rymfire Books and editor Armand Rosamilia.  This is a very big step for me and I’m scared to death.  Funny, I said above I like being scared, but this is different.  Once the eBook and print version go on sale, I will point you in the right direction.  It is not for everyone and the views expressed will be seen as controversial.  So please, if you read it and like it review it on Amazon.  On the flip side, if you read it and have issues with the subject matter, give it a fair review based on the story and not on your beliefs.

I leave you now, but we will meet again on the twisted and dark back roads through the Indiana farmlands.

Goodnight… (ok, it’s day give a guy a break)

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