I Came, I Saw, I Killed…

Evening creepers and peepers!  Tonight I bring you the future and love.  In Surreal Grotesque issue 9, the ‘Twisted Love’ issue, my story “The Becoming” makes its appearance.  It is a special treat for that someone you love this Valentine’s Day.  Granted it is not the world you know, but a bleak future where humans live in the underground and returning to the surface for extended periods of time are the things science and nightmares are made off.  So, the issue is free to check out right here.  Go give it a read and share with all you hold dear!

The contracts are all signed and returned for “Stonewall” (The Blue, the Grey, and the Scarlet, Neon Moon Press), “Tears of Heaven” (From Beyond the Grave, Grinning Skull Press), and “Winds of War” (Horrific History, Hazardous Press).  All three books are in the editing and proofing stages now and should be ready to give you nightmares in a month or so.

Soon, I will have a new story posted here on the blog for the first time.  It is part of another project with another press and I will warn you ahead of time, it is vulgar and sacrilegious.  The little tale is for ADULT audiences only and I will post a warning before the story when I put it up.  What would you do for the love of an abandoned fallen angel?

Plenty of other things going on with the finishing chapters of Southern Devils being worked on, the Top Secret Project getting ready to take off, and a new project with a couple of my Canadian friends.

On that note, if you’ve read In Memoriam, please feel free to go and like it Amazon and leave a review.  Be honest, I can take it I swear.  No, no matter what else you’ve heard I can really take it…


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