Tonight’s Guest…Armand Rosamilia!

AR PICIf I were to name one of the biggest helps with getting my writing career off the ground it would be this guy, the man with the wicked goatee, and the zombie guru… Armand Rosamilia.  His work lately has branched off into the world of spies and from what I’ve read, he’s made the spy genre his own.  Of course, there is still ‘Zombie’ in the title…

Now for your pleasure, I bring you a few words from the man himself.  I do admit, my mother is not a big fan of what I write either, but she’s not the intended audience.  Sorry mom, that’s just how it is.

Miami Spy Games

 Even Your Kids Can Read This

 Armand Rosamilia

I tend to write adult stories. OK, I write really adult stories, with plenty of profanity, sexual situations and violence. Most of my work my own mother won’t read, especially the Dying Days series. She’s a huge horror book fan, but more old school like King and Koontz. I’m sure if she read a chapter of an Edward Lee book she’d pass out. And my mom is pretty damn hip.

I can’t help it, either. I once tried to write a fun story about a pirate for my kids when they were little but he ended up being a scary and bad man who enslaved children and did horrific acts of violence against captured sailors. Needless to say, they didn’t get to hear it. Come to think of it, though, I need to find that one. It might be worth a rewrite.

But with Miami Spy Games it was fun, because I approached it as if I were writing television episodes. I imagined watching the show and writing an extensive synopsis, if that makes any sense. I also became very cognizant of profanity and over the top sexual situations. A couple of times I had to stop and do a quick rewrite of a part when I devolved into showing more than I figure you can show on TV, even HBO or Starz.

It became a fun exercise to use innuendo instead of simply telling the story like I’m used to telling the story. And maybe something my teenaged kids could actually read. I wonder if kids still read, though…

Now, when I say your kids can read this, I’m not talking about your six-year-old. Let’s try to be good parents here. But a high school kid would find it exciting with plenty of zombies and machismo fist-pumping killing action and super-hot chicks wearing nothing but… OK, need to calm it down again. It’s a good story. Trust me.

If you have any questions about the Miami Spy Games series, I’d love to hear them:

Armand Rosamilia

Miami Spy Games on Amazon Kindle only $3.99!

MSG Cover

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