Heaven and Hell

I’ve been very busy as of late and the word around here has been very slow.  On the plus side, the first secret project has begun and the second is beginning in the next week or two.  The funk I found myself in the past few weeks that almost crippled my output seems to have lifted and the keyboard is firing on all cylinders again.  Some stories have gone out, some are being edited, some have come back from pre-readers, and the list to be written is pretty full.  So dear readers, the future is looking pretty busy in my dark world for the time being.

The past few days has brought the release (for Kindle) of Grinning Skull Press‘s debut anthology, From Beyond the Grave.  I feel very honored to be included in this book and the rest of the authors I share the TOC are great.  It includes such writers as Jay Wilburn, Jennifer Word, Adam Millard, and Nelson W. Pyles among others.  My story “Tears of Heaven” is the third tale in the collection and it is something a little different.

I played with a twisted notion of what happens to us after we die.  Do we go to Heaven, to Hell, or do we go someplace else?  If we could save someone we love from a terrible fate in the afterlife, would we?  What would that price be?  The story is a fun little trip into the beyond and I hope it makes people think and wonder about what we believe and what really happens when our eyes close for the final time.

The book is available for the Kindle now (here) and will soon be in paperback for those who like to hold a book in their hands and flip real pages.  I must go and work on a new story that has haunted my mind since October.  I hand wrote the first couple of thousand words while I was out-of-town this weekend and now it’s time to type the words up.  Also don’t forget to go and follow the mini-blog over on Tumblr.  There I will post little funny or weird bits from time to time.  I hear the stories screaming to be told, so I must bid you farewell.

Until next time,


8 thoughts on “Heaven and Hell

      1. Deadlines? I laugh at them and ignore them! No, in all honesty I’m trying to be a good boy and lay some wordage down everyday no matter how many. I’ll never get through the idea pile if I don’t and any work is better than no work.

      2. @JasonDarrick

        It’s not so much my idea pile, as it is a molehill. I’ve got five stories that need writing. Must attack them.

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