The Journey II: Stages and White Chocolate M&M’s


IMG_0790In the last few weeks, the focus on everything has been shifting.  I spent the last two years getting my name out, writing for anthologies, and releasing that first solo work on the general public.  The time has  come for a new part of my journey into the writing world.  Last year I chronicled my experience concerning getting In Memoriam published in a series of posts called The Journey.  The next few months and years are about my new journey, the first complete novel.

In the past I’ve written some short stories and threw in some information about a place called White Creek, my fictional town where most of my work will take place for some time.  My goal is to write a series of shorts that will introduce the citizens, the town, and the things hidden in the town’s dark past.  Some tales have already been told.  In Memoriam is set in White Creek and introduces the Vineyard Church and the disgraced ex-priest who is their leader, a member of the sheriff’s department who will never be the same after the events in In Memoriam, and the bar owner who seems to be involved in most of the strange happenings in the town.  But wait, there is more to come…

That is only part of the journey however.  Southern Devils is getting ready to be sent out to pre-readers in the next few weeks.  The little white board in the picture?  It is about to be replaced with one twice that size to help me organize all the stuff I’m working on.  I have found it rather nice to have things other publishers want to read as well as the readers out there.  I am going about changing my writing regimen so I can keep all my WIP projects straight and keep myself going.

Random musing of the day:  Horror and writing are two things I enjoy and when they are put together they form an amazing thing.  When the magical bonding of the two form an idea in my mind, I love to get to work.  I also love M&M’s and white chocolate.  Unfortunately, they do not mix well and I’m heartbroken I do not enjoy the new M&M offering as I thought I would.  Thumbs down…

Do you know what I enjoy more than M&M’s?  Seeing the fruits of my labor out in the world and this past week my story “Tears of Heaven” was released in Grinning Skull Press’s From Beyond the Grave anthology.  It contains 19 tales of what happens to us when we die and what the afterlife holds for us in the end.  At the moment is available as an eBook at Amazon, but will soon be out in print.  So pick up a copy today here.

My writing life?  The first journey is complete and now I want to invite you to continue on down the trail with me.  The clouds are hiding the moon and the trail is dark tonight, but take my hand and we’ll find our way together.  The next few weeks I’m going to try to explain my self and what makes me tick, what I’ve learned, and what I still need to figure out.  This journey is about growth and here we go.



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