Is He Dead Yet?


No, I’m not…

But I do feel like it lately.

Seriously though, things have been busy here in my dead world trying to finish off a few projects.  I have the novel Southern Devils to wrap up the last few chapters on in the next few weeks, a story set in the zombie infested “Happily Expensive Place on Earth” (ok, the names were changed for fear of getting my ass sued off) for an anthology invite, and the secret project is over half written (it is getting close to me…).   The final edits on “Corridors” has been sent back to the publisher, so the anthology with it should be ready soon.

Goal-wise, I’m doing ok.  With the invite story, I’ll reach my 10 story for the year goal and the last half of the year looks to be busy with lots of new books out there for everybody.  The fall will also see me return to the Coffin-Hop before Halloween and I’m working on a series of guest blogs for another sales push for In Memoriam.

Well, what do you want to do?  How about a couple of links for some free dark fiction?  Yes?  Ok, just for you guys and girls for being awesome, here is some things you can read while you wait for the new stuff to come out over the next few months.


Click on the cover and move on down to issue 8 and read my story “Do us Part”.
Click on the cover and scroll down to issue 9 with my story “The Becoming”.

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