The Journey II: Mission Completed (sort of…)

Four days ago, I typed the words, “The End” (or “To Be Continued” depending on what happens next) on my first novel, Southern DevilsWhat started out as a short story with a very sordid past, finally became the book I hoped it would.  Right now, I’m taking a few days to catch up on some short stories I left hanging around during the blitz to finish the novel.  Once those are done and the first rounds of edits on my end is complete, it goes off to a real editor who will tear me up over the book.  It will be torn down and we will rebuild it into, what I hope, is something a press would like to release.

What’s next?

Well, I have a sequel planned for Southern Devils and the work will begin on it.  Now that I think I’ve made the adjustments from short story writing to the longer pieces, there are some other book ideas that have first chapters or more floating around on my computer waiting to be told.  If I learned anything, it’s that I have to be persistent.  I was running behind on my July 31st deadline when my wife called me out on my being lazy and not finishing.  That kick in the ass was exactly what I needed.  Looking back, I think I sabotaged myself.  In a little way, I believe I didn’t want to finish, that I was afraid.  I’ve made a pretty good run with short stories and honestly, I’m not one who jumps at the chance to rock the boat.

Consider the boat rocked…

Work on Reconstruction of the Dead and The Red Veil will begin next week and I’ll keep the progress reports up here as I go along.

Thank you all for sticking around with me as I find my way around the industry and grow in my work and in my voice.  I hope you enjoy what has come before and I hope you’ll enjoy what’s coming even more.


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