Behind the Steel Cage of Brutal Death

Indy Crime 2013Welcome my friends!  Tonight I bring to you tidings of good cheer,  There is a new release out there in the wild, Indiana Crime Review 2013.  The anthology features a twisted backwoods tale titled, “You Can’t Escape the Brutal Cage of Death so Why Even Try?” that I wrote with warped author Brian Rosenberger.  It was my first time working with another author on a story and it taught me tons.

Now, the story…

When we put our heads together for a duo-themed sub call, what we came up with was a rural version of MMA (including an old steel cage, women fighting for their freedom, and good old redneck recreation).  Brian started the story out and we passed it back and forth.  When we each received the manuscript, we’d do some adding to the last person’s section and then write our own additional section.  What came out of the whiskey fueled writing bouts was a funny look at how underworld MMA matches would be like in the sticks.

If you want to pick up a copy, it is at Amazon now (“click here,” pleaded the words in quotation marks) and is a really fun-filled read through the depths of the criminal mind.

In other news, the manuscript for Southern Devils is in the hands of my editor and we hope to get moving on it once we are clear of the “Secret Project” that is nearing completion.  In the mean time, I am finishing up a story to turn in by next week to Armand Rosamilia for a project and I’ve started novel #2.  The Red Veil is something totally different from what I’ve written before, but I hope will make you think about life and the illusions we build up about it.

More news to come soon

2 thoughts on “Behind the Steel Cage of Brutal Death

  1. Brian

    And if any of you would-be tough guys want to step up and take a swing, I’ll be at the bar just in case Brent needs somebody to clean up the mess.

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